PRONOUNCIATION: 'half-baked'

MEANING: Just like a cake in the oven, products can be half-baked. Not fully there yet, but on the way.

We innovate through prototyping

We create your digital product enterprise software next great app fancy website


What we do

From idea to prototype - in just a week

It is indeed a bold promise, but we are confident in what we do. Halphbaqed achieves results through a rigorous, but neatly planned schedule and draws on field-tested techniques such as design thinking, design sprints or lean development.

If you want to implement a new concept, or perhaps to broaden up your target market, or even just a tweak to upgrade your current profile, we halphbaqed, promise to provide a bespoke service in order to accommodate all your needs.

Halbphbaqed creates, tests, and launches your next digital revolution within weeks, not months.

Digital Prototyping

With prototyping we aim to build the right it before building it right. Halphbaqed organizes focus groups sessions with your experts, users and customers, to really uncover their pain points, and understand their untapped needs and desires. At the end of each cycle/sprint you receive a tested and usable prototype that is ready to evolve into your next digital revolution.

Software Development

We are developers at heart. Based on our field tested prototypes we build your digital product, enterprise software, new website, or mobile app. Our offering reaches from taking over the whole development cycle to consulting your programmers throughout the coding process.

Innovation Consulting &
Digital Transformation

Halphbaqed brings your company to the 21st century and beyond. We help your company to transition its business model to the digital age opening new markets and customers by creating disruptive ideas and products.

Who we are


In addition to his first master's degree in computer science, René graduated from Lund University's Entrepreneurship and Innovation program in 2018.

With over 15 years of professional experience in software engineering & IT consulting, he knows how to break things and bringing it back together in crazy ways you never thought of - without losing sight of the big picture.

He participates and mentors regularly at hackathons and shares his experiences in various meetups and workshops.

Talk to him about tech, design, fitness, music and prototyping.

IT & innovation


Tom graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business in 2016 and completed his master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University two years later. He has over 6 years of professional experience in project management, marketing and campaign design. He likes to put his hands to work and turn things upside down.

Talk to him about the latest tech gadgets, blockchain technology, gaming, art or simply food.

design & strategy

We are hiring

Halphbaqed is a constantly growing company and we welcome all young innovative talented individuals to join the club. Prefer to work in a hierarchy-free organisation with dynamic work environment? Feel free to drop us an e-mail!